Are you truly driving your car? – Learn how to drive stick shift

Imagine, while everyone else is pressing the accelerator pedal on their car or letting the car drive them, you’re feathering the clutch and rev-matching to get that sweet smooth shift. The red light turns green and you’re launching your car, holding on for dear life and hoping to control that 2 ton machine down the road and slamming those gears to go faster. Manual cars are a different and dying breed. Be one that can wrangle one of these beast and truly feel like you’re driving a car.

Learn how to drive stick shift

There are reasons why cars are named after animals. Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, Dodge Viper or even the whole Jaguar brand. Car companies want you to feel the power under the hood and continually challenge you to push the limits through the transmission. Being one with the car is a feeling like no other.

“Life’s too short to drive boring cars.”

-My brother

Learn how to drive a stick shift car

StickShiftr specializes in giving manual transmission lessons. Our employees are here to help you with your manual car research, purchase, and care. The instruction packages are competitively priced and provide unparalleled guidance to make you a proficient manual car driver.


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