About Us

We are car enthusiasts and gear heads at heart. As a kid we all dreamed of owning the highest horsepower or coolest cars. Most of which were made in manual transmission only or were far superior to their automatic counterparts. The fast and the furious series ignited a flame and we immediately wanted Mitsubishi Eclipses, Toyota Supras, Honda Civics, and Nissan Skylines. Hearing the engine row through the gears was enough convincing we needed to pursue this hobby into our adult age.

First manual car I owned

Golf R front
This ended up being my first manual car.

Years and years of research landed me on this beauty of a car. ~1500 made for the model year and shipped to the US. The best part was that there was NO automatics made for the model during it’s short run. The MKVI Golf R was a one of a kind vehicle and that’s just the way I liked it.

Not knowing how to drive a manual transmission was not large enough of a barrier to me. I had to have this car. As a recently college graduated “adult” I bought the car without knowing how to drive one and chugged it 150 mi on the highway home. That drive home was one of the most stressful moments in my automobile career but also one of the most rewarding.

This leads me to this website. Doing research for manual transmission cars was slightly difficult given the small selection I had to pick from. Most, if not all manual cars were either all coupes or economy selection cars. I could not find one that fit my lifestyle. StickShiftr was made to disseminate information on the latest cars with a manual transmission and offer our opinions on the industry. Please take a moment to read our articles and feel free to leave a comment!